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Framed map of Paris
Framed map of North and South America
Framed map of California with Butterfly
Large framed map of Italy
Framed map of Cape Cod
Framed map of Oakland
Framed Map Nottinghamshire 1801.  Original
Framed Map - Cut in thirds and framed.
Framed Map - Chicago
Large Framed Map
Framed Maps - Frameworks of Utah
We Met - We Married - We Live Maps - Frameworks of Utah
Framing maps for your home or office is a great idea.  They can become a work of art.  They are an educational tool and also a conversation piece.  There are many ideas to make them personal, like including pictures of the family, airplane tickets, scenic photos taken on vacations or even butterflies.  Old maps are interesting for all to look at, seeing things as they were once.  They can be framed rustic, modern, formal or even cut in half or thirds or forths with each piece being framed seperate and hung as a collage.